November 10, 2011

The Pilgrimage (First Part: Turkiye)

I've already posted some most of my pilgrimage pics on my facebook. So, it's not a brand new pictures to be seen actually XD
It was my very first pilgrimage to Holy Land, Mecca. It was April 4th, 2011. The day that I will always remember as my first day on hijab. Alhamdulillahhh :)
I can not describe how does it feel. To be really on Holy Land. Excited, joyful, lil bit nervous. It's all mixed up in my belly. I can not even think clearly. Haha. The pictures devided into two parts. First one is pre-pilgrimage trip to Turkey, and the second one is it's pilgrimage to Madina and Mecca.
Turkey is a beautiful place. It was spring, great weather, and tulip was easily found. It's everywhere! I think I'm gonna die on the nearest park. Haha. Due to the tight schecule, we cant make the trip to Hagia Sophia. Too bad :( 
I think I'll be back to Turkiye one day. I'm sure I will :D


  1. Never been to Turkey..I mostly love your cat picts :)

    1. if you're a cat person, i suggest you to visit Turkey, dear it's sucha kingdom of big fat furry cats :D