November 09, 2011

The Beginning

It was my very first road trip. Ever! Haha. Kinda awkward and drama, but memorable tho'.
It's around August or September 2009. Me, Nuru, and her boyfriends. Twelve days for our journey by car, from Yogyakarta - Malang - Bali - Lombok, then went back to Yogyakarta with the same route.

Ps: Since my laptop got troubled, so i didnt do any re-touch for this pics. Pardon me for any uninconveniece saturation :D
Pss: This trip gave me a "tatoo" on my knee. Actually it's all because dogs chased me and Nuru down on early in the morning. We ended up on roadblocks with couple of wounds on my left knee and hands. Later on, I got fever because of the wound. Nice trip, ha? :D

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