March 22, 2012

Blooper! XD

Exhausted team. Clockwise left-behind: @risaldyt (scriptwriter/creative), @anindxtya (director/art director), @ngatemi (campers/editor), @pipibetis (supporting role), @hening_bening (main role)

A (very last) scene taken from LYRA's first hijab tutorial. Originally I put this picture on LYRA's site. Due to its aim to work on Islamic way, better for me to move this picture to my own home :D

March 14, 2012


Last week, after a very dramatic journey, I finally arrived on Yogyakarta. My day and those energy went to -the one and only- Kahitna's concert (which was totally awesome!).

The day after, me and my old friend went to Keraton. But too bad, we came lil bit late. It was closed 10 minutes earlier. So we decided to have fun on its front yard.

It's been soo much fun! :D

*) Ngiwut is Javanese term for moving rapidly from one place/thing to another.

March 03, 2012


Haven't been anywhere (specific) since the last summer. I'm craving another journey with my friends soo bad. 
Random pictures available, until I met beautiful scenery & fresh air again.

Trembling Mind

There's colorful lights. Tangled.